UMEEA seeks to enhance the relationship between the University of Maryland, College Park and its emeritus/a faculty in order to: (a) enrich their retirement experiences, and (b) draw upon their experience and activities to support teaching, research, and outreach mission of the university.  Read our Plan of Organization.

Steering Committee 2019-2020:

UMEEA Interim Chair: Frank Alt, Decisions, Operations, and Information Technologies

UMEEA Chair Elect: Gerald Miller, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Treasurer: Carlen Ruschoff, University Libraries

Elaine Anderson, ADVANCE Professor, School of Public Health & School of Public Policy

Maurine Beasley, Merrill College of Journalism

Robert Dorfman, Institute for Physical Science and Technology

Arthur Popper, Biology

David Segal, Sociology

Emeriti Senate Representative: Peter Wolfe, Mathematics Department

Ex-Officio: Laura Rosenthal, Director for Faculty Leadership

Administrator: Michele Frazier, Assistant Director, Faculty Development and Awards